Speak Like a Pro

Have you ever heard any of the following statements at the end of a presentation?

"He was brilliant; we were bored."
"If she's so smart, how come I feel so stupid?"
"I understood what he was saying, I just didn't care."

Have you ever sat through one of those presentations, the kind where it was clear that the speaker knew exactly what he was talking about - but seemed to be the only one who was even remotely interested?

Have you ever BEEN that speaker?

If so, you want Speak Like a Pro! for your next meeting.

There is nothing more frustrating for an audience than a boring presentation. When your audience isn't engaged or doesn't understand what you are talking about the quality of your content doesn't matter! None of those all too common occurrences happen by accident. They happen when well-meaning experts haven't built the delivery skills to match their content expertise.

Speak Like a Pro! is designed to help industry experts turn an important but bland speech into an engaging and passionate performance. Focusing on technique development and skill building, this highly interactive program will help occasional presenters build their competence and confidence in any speaking setting.

Whether you're looking for the perfect educational breakout session for an upcoming conference, a powerful in-house training program for a group of your key employees or a dynamic seminar for your sales staff, Gary Rifkin will customize Speak Like a Pro! to meet your group's specific presentation needs.

Based on the format, timing, and objectives of your particular situation, participants will learn to:

  • Refine basic skills using a simple and effective framework for delivery
  • Create engaging openings and action-oriented closings
  • Utilize stories to make their points come alive
  • Design memorable metaphors that enhance the listener's understanding of any given topic
  • Learn to minimize terms, acronyms and jargon to crystallize the message
  • Individualize their delivery style using their own personal passion
  • Build confidence and credibility

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