Customized Keynotes

Gary's energetic keynotes are ideal for the opening or closing of your event. A great opening and closing keynote ensure that participants start an event engaged and leave prepared to take action on what they've learned. All programs are customized based on the theme of your conference and your organization's specific needs.

Winning Thoughts

Motivation Through Self-Esteem

There are so many factors that affect our ability to be successful. It is clear that competence is key. Another factor is just as critical confidence. Competence is knowing how to complete a task. Confidence is KNOWING THAT YOU KNOW! The critical difference between acceptable performance and outstanding performance is this confidence factor.

Gary's popular program drives home the point in a very unique way. Participants in this interactive and high energy session have an opportunity to explore the connection between their self-esteem and confidence. Armed with this new insight, attendees are better able to self-motivate, inspire others to action and have a more powerful impact on their workplace and home life.

Grandma Says,"Feel Good, Do Good, Be Good"

Great Wisdom on Goodness

Isn't it true that for most of us the best advice we've ever gotten came from a beloved elder? Invariably, because of their years of experience, the stories they tell have a learning nugget that we often miss. In this eye-opening session, the power of one wise grandmother is shared in a way that is sure to have a lasting impact on all participants.

Through stories and activities, participants will learn the importance and benefits of taking care of themselves, providing service to others and being a truly good person.

Custom Designed Keynotes

Dynamic Delivery of your Core Message

Why not arrange a keynote that is specifically written to your
organization's meeting. An extremely powerful way to open or
close a conference or corporate meeting, this unique
keynote will set your meeting apart. You can direct the
message using your organizational mission and vision,
desired leadership traits and behaviors or a host of
other objectives. Gary will create a powerful
presentation which anchors the key points with stories,
interaction and passion.