Custom Coaching Services

Hiring Gary Rifkin as a speaking coach was the best decision I've made in the last several years. His work - helping me craft a keynote-level speech - opened the doors to countless speaking venues. My new speech became the foundation for my first book. Gary's ability to advise, consolidate ideas, and build great openings and closings has provided incredible results; his counsel has proven invaluable to me.
-Tom Sheives, PhD Author of OPPORTUNITY unstuck!

No matter how much expertise you have, sharing that expertise with an audience can be career enhancing or career limiting. Working with Gary Rifkin will provide expert guidance on your own speeches and presentations.

You might want to be coached by Gary Rifkin if...

  • You've been bored by a speaker and don't want to do that to someone else.
  • You want your audience to do something significant with the information you've given them.
  • You want to look sharp, confident and professional when speaking.
  • You are a subject matter expert whose presentations need polish.
  • You have great content but the audience doesn't always seem wowed.
  • You've got a book or manuscript and want to turn it into a memorable speech.
  • You want to impress your audience, large or small.
  • You are a principal in a professional services firm who needs to look as powerful in front of an audience as you do in your practice.
  • You would like to use presentations as a way to build your business.
  • You want to enhance your skillset by becoming a more polished presenter.
  • Your job requires that you give presentations; advancement in your job requires that you give presentations well!
  • You're more passionate about your topic than your audience is.
  • Someone has told you that your lack of presentation skills is holding you back.

By the end of your sessions with Gary...

  • You'll connect with your audience from the moment they first see you and hold their attention until you have delivered a powerful, call-to-action close.
  • You'll know and use an attention-getting opening which will engage your audience.
  • You'll use stories expertly to anchor your messages.
  • You'll have practiced strong, deliberate delivery which allows the audience to catch every word.
  • You'll know how to control the "butterflies" so that you use that nervous energy to your advantage.
  • You'll be speaking confidently and competently to large audiences who respond enthusiastically.

Working with Gary probably won't get the results you expect if...

  • You are adverse to receiving and applying developmental feedback.
  • You truly believe that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
  • Your boss is making you do this.
  • You've been there; you've done that.
  • You already know that you won't do the work.
  • You'd rather spend your time and money on absolutely anything else.

Your coaching sessions with Gary may be formal or informal. They can be done by phone or in person. Your financial investment will depend on the intended outcomes of the coaching. Some clients will do a few hours of coaching to prepare for an upcoming speech. Others will choose
to have a longer term relationship with a series of coaching
sessions designed to enhance skills and build confidence.
Whatever form your coaching relationship takes, you can
be assured that your approach to speaking will
never be the same.

To learn more about what Gary can do for you,
call (214) 394-4279 or click here to send an
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