The Philosophy

There are certain "truths" that are critical to Gary's philosophy for doing business.

Passion creates energy

If we can help people discover and emphasize their passions, they will have a greater level of energy.

When you bring your true self to a relationship, everyone benefits.

If we can be truly authentic in all of our dealings, trust and synergy will follow.

People are naturally good.

"Goodness" is at the core of all of us. It is events and experiences that may cloud this goodness. With energy and passion, goodness becomes a given.

You are never too old to learn.

When someone is willing to learn, anything is possible.

Work CAN be fun.

When positive energy is considered a key characteristic of a work environment, the workplace can be both productive and fun.

Learning can come from the unlikeliest of sources.

Sometimes the most important lessons come from the
places you least expect them!

Music touches the soul.

Music can be a powerful catalyst for learning!